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Front Office Team

Patrick Scardina: Practice Manager

Patrick Scardina has expressed his passion of animal health and care since a very young age. He attended Robert Morgan Educational Center (High School) from 2007 to 2011. While studying at Robert Morgan, Patrick began working with Dixie Animal Hospital the summer prior to his senior year, in June of 2006. Since then he has taken positions as both Assistant Supervisor to the Laboratory and Kennel in January 2013 and then as Supervisor to the Laboratory and Kennel in March of 2013. In May of 2015, Patrick Scardina served as Office Manager, before again being promoted to Practice Manager in August of 2016. He has one dog named Raymond and a cat named Ginger who he adopted from Dixie Animal Hospital in 2012. Outside of his commitment to the clinic Patrick lives a physically active life, partaking in activities such as the Orlando Sling Shot® (much like a reverse bungee jump), skydiving, and a daily CrossFit regimen.

Monica Scardina: Office Manager

Monica Scardina began working with Dixie Animal Hospital in July of 2015. She quickly rose to the occassion, becoming Assistant Office Manager in January of 2016, showing her commitment and dedication to the company. Through her continued hard work, Monica was promoted to Office Manager in August of 2016. Monica is passionate about quality healthcare and a great client/clinic relationship. She shares ownership of a dog named Raymond and a cat named Ginger with Patrick. She also enjoys a lively life full of activities such as photography, outdoor events (skydiving, helmet ‘scuba’ diving, ziplining, etc.) and a daily CrossFit regimen.

Ashley Rivera

Ashley Rivera is of Cuban descent, but was born and raised in Miami. She grew up with a variety of animals in her households ranging from cats to iguanas. Having so many species crawling around at home led her to want to pursue veterinary medicine. Ashley has been working in and out of the veterinary field for ten years now. She is currently attending Florida Int'l University finalizing a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and when she completes that degree she will work hard to pursue her dream of attending veterinary school. Ashley has seven cats and one chihuahua. When she is not caring for all of her critters, she is spending time with family, painting, drawing and traveling.

Lindsey Rugg

Lindsey Rugg began working with Dixie Animal Hospital in July of 2017. Lindsey received her Bachelor's in English and Sociology from the University of Central Florida. She has begun writing many stories that she would love to finish at some point. Lindsey has two cats; Olivia and Jackson. When she is not writing stories, she is traveling, reading or enjoying some good wine with a beautiful sunset. Eventually, Lindsey hopes to return to school to pursue family and substance abuse counseling.

Jeffrey Goya

Jeffrey Goya was born in Ecuador, but has been living in Miami since he was a child. Jeff has been working in the animal industry for over 5 years and began his journey with Dixie Animal Hospital in January of 2018. When he is not working you can find him at your local dog park playing with his daughter Elly! He also enjoys spending time kayaking, swimming and traveling. Jeffrey began working for a rescue in Palm Beach back in 2010 which blossomed his love for animals and the animal industry. He is passionate, loving and most of all caring.

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