Through The Years

As the Ground Was Laid

Before becoming the Dixie Animal Hospital that we know and love today, the land was used as a drive-in theatre by many of the locals. What is now the Publix Supermarket and parking area was once the widespread theater. The pictures below are aerial shots taken in 1965. While difficult to see, you can begin to see the groundwork of a very young Dixie Animal Hospital. That building is now the Coconut Grove Bank adjacent to us. Please enjoy our history with us and click each image to view it in a larger form.

Hurricane Andrews Impact on Dixie Animal Hospital

If you are a Miami native you are more than familiar with Hurricane Andrew. If not here is a bit of background: Hurricane Andrew made landfall on August 24, 1992 in Homestead, Florida as a Category 5. It is the third Category 5 hurricane to ever make landfall in the United States. The last recorded winds were measured at 167 mph with gusts of 212 mph in Homestead. It is the second costliest hurricane in US history, behind Hurricane Katrina which obliterated the Gulf Coast, not just New Orleans. Hurricane Andrew has since been nicknamed "the big one" because of it's intensity.

During the storm Dixie Animal Hospital housed 82 animals and two humans; Dr. John Kittrell and Homer Lyon. Their story along with the story of the hospitals revival was recorded by the Miami Herald in the Neighbors section on January 10th, 1993. You can read that article here. (The final quote of the article was not captured but reads: "It was ungodly", he [Dr. Kittrell] said. "There was so much noise. I couldn't hear the animals, I think they were quiet. I know my dog was very quiet.")

Hurricane Andrew 1992Hurricane Andrew 1992Hurricane Andrew 1992

Hurricane Andrew 1992Hurricane Andrew 1992Hurricane Andrew 1992

Miami Herald Neighbors Section

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