Nursing Team

Antinique Chinn: Co-Laboratory/Kennel Supervisor

Antinique Chinn joined Dixie Animal Hospital in August of 2013 but has been working in the animal health industry for the past 10 years. With her hard work and commitment to our facility, Antinique's efforts earned her the title of Assistant Technician Supervisor in August of 2016. A Miami native, Antinique graduated from Miami Edison Senior High in 2001 and then graduated from The English Center in 2003 with a Veterinary Assisting Certificate. She spent the last 10 years working for Animal Emergency Clinic taking care of multiple critical care patients each day! While Antinique enjoys working with animals and coming to work daily, she uses her off time to relax in the sun often choosing to go day fishing for the local delicacies. Antinique does not currently have any pets but spends affectionate time with the kittens we have for adoption here at the clinic, contemplating whether or not to take one home.

Jesse Tamayo: Co-Laboratory/Kennel Supervisor

Jesse joined Dixie Animal hospital in September 2016 but has been working in the animal health industry for the past 6 years. Jesse is currently a Biology major at Miami-Dade College on his way to earning his nursing degree making him one step closer to achieving his M.D. In the past, he has volunteered at Friends Forever Rescue assisting with hospital care. He will stop at nothing to help all pets ill or injured. His unrestricted love and passion for animals keeps him motivated to move forward and overcome all obstacles. He owns two spoiled Labrador Retrievers name Leo and Lily. With his free time, Jesse enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family and friends. 

Jules Kreisberg, CVT: Assistant Laboratory/Kennel Supervisor

Jules Kreisberg joined the Dixie Animal Hospital team in September 2014. Prior to joining Dixie Animal Hospital, Jules graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Miami Dade College in July 2014. She has since earned the title of Certified Veterinary Technician; CVT. Jules became an Assistant Laboratory/Kennel Supervisor in October 2020. Her passion for animals has been her driving factor in pursuing veterinary medicine. In the past, she has volunteered with the Cat Network, assisting them with their Meow Mobile. Jules also spent time volunteering at Zoo Miami with the children's Summer Camp program. She owns one Boston terrier named Dexter who is extremely spoiled, but hopes to bring more Boston terriers into her life in the future. With her free time, Jules enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, reading, and going to concerts. She enjoys traveling to far-away lands such as Ireland, and hopes to continue to travel in the future, particularly to her dream destination, Italy.

Matthew Weich: Volunteer Coordinator

Matthew Weich is a homebred Miami native, who expresses so with his various activities. He started working at Dixie Animal Hospital in January of 2010. Matt shares ownership of two rescued pets;  two cats named Samson and Gizmo. His true passion is photography,  His love for Miami is expressed through his photographic works, often opting for pictures of the many scenes in the area. Matt’s devotion to Miami is also evident in his fondness for the Miami Marlins.

Vicki Schuling

Vicki Schuling has been proudly working at Dixie Animal Hospital since 1971. Prior to living and working in South Florida she grew up in Elizabeth, Colorado where she began her love for animals. Out west she worked with large animal veterinarians taking a special interest in horses. Vicki remembers, in detail, the events of Hurricane Andrew as it tore through Dixie Animal Hospital and was an integral part of the rebuilding process. When she is not spreading her love for animals around the hospital she enjoys gardening and working on art projects including painting animal portraits and designing ostrich eggs. Vicki has four cats of her own (Stud, Honey, Sweet Pea, and Scooter) and often takes care of many of our clients cats while they are away, treating them as her own.

Alexis Andre


Alexis Andre has been a veterinary nurse for 3 years and loves how rewarding it is to help care for other people’s furry family members. She recently began working with Dixie Animal Hospital in February of 2019. Alexis was born and raised in Miami. Animals have been her passion for as long as she can remember; she has worked with and helped raise several exotic animals including primates, reptiles, and big cats such as lions, tigers, jaguars, and even ligers. Currently Alexis has a dog named Nala and 2 cats named Camo and Aurora who are extremely spoiled. In her free time Alexis enjoys boating, fishing, or anything outdoors.

Eva Herberg


Eva Herberg joined Dixie Animal Hospital in June of 2020 but has been working in the animal industry for the past two years. Eva has graduated with a Bachelor's in Biology. From Tucson, Arizona originally, Eva has made it her passion to care for wildlife; frequently working with sea turtle nesting and burmese python tracking. She enjoys hiking and photography when not advocating for wildlife. In addition to working with us, Eva works within an emergency clinic, getting experience around high intensity scenarios. She does not have any pets of her own, but gets all of the enjoyment of pet companionship out of her experiences with client's pets.

Eliel Rivera

Eliel Rivera Jr joined the Dixie Animal Hospital team in September 2020. has been working in the animal health industry for the past 3 years. Born in miami and raised in a farm in the Redlands. His passion has always been animals and sports mainly UFC,NBA and NFL. He own’s two dogs named jewels and Zoey. Also has a passion for the aquarium hobby.

Finesse Gordon

Finesse joined the Dixie Animal Hospital team in March 2021. Finesse has had a passion and love for animals since childhood, with her first pet being a rabbit and her first dog being a Neapolitan Mastiff. Finesse has been working in the animal industry for two years and within the first year, she became very fond of chihuahuas. Finesse is currently attending Miami Dade College to earn her BSN degree. Her goal is to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in the near future and has dreams of starting an animal-related service business further down the road. Finesse has two very spoiled lovable pet dogs, Jelanie (American Bulldog), and Chase (Patterdale Terrier) and she loves cuddling with them when she goes home. When she's not studying, she enjoys spending time with family and close friends, learning kanji, reading non-fiction books, attending concerts of underground musicians, and traveling. She loves visiting her grandfather's home island, the Andros, Bahamas, and would like to pay a visit to eastern Asian countries someday.

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