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  • Preventing and Handling Diabetic Emergencies
    Preventing and Handling Diabetic EmergenciesCaring for a pet with diabetes can be daunting. Fortunately, the key to successful diabetes management is simple: a consistent, established daily routine.A healthy diet is Read more
  • Cat Exercise: Keeping Your Kitty in Good Shape
    Cat Exercise: Keeping Your Kitty in Good ShapeWhile most cats will never learn to run on a treadmill, no matter how much catnip you offer, almost all cats do benefit Read more
  • Eye Care for Dogs
    Eye Care for DogsMan’s best friend could use a good eyeballing once in awhile-believe us, your dog won’t take it personally! In fact, giving him regular home eye exams will Read more
  • Cataracts
    CataractsWhat Are Cataracts?A cataract is an opacity in the lens of a dog’s eye, causing him to have blurry vision. If the cataract is small, it won’t likely disturb the Read more
  • Feeding Adult Cats
    Feeding Adult CatsWhy is nutrition important?Proper nutrition and care for your cat can help maximize its health, longevity and quality of life, so we’ve prepared this handout with some general Read more
  • How to Identify the Most Common Cat Conditions
    How to Identify the Most Common Cat ConditionsThe most common medical conditions on cats include the following:1. Renal Disease - Kidney failure is a problem that affects all breeds and Read more
  • Arthritis
    What Is Arthritis?Canine arthritis, also known as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, is characterized by pain and inflammation in a dog’s joints. Arthritis is caused by the breaking down of Read more
  • Preventing Heat Stress and Injury in Pets
    Preventing Heat Stress and Injury in PetsIt always amazes me when, every year as the temperatures rise, there are still reports of animals being left alone inside hot vehicles, despite Read more
  • Dog bite emergencies
    Dog Bite EmergenciesWhat do I do if I’m bitten?If you are bitten by a dog, here is a checklist of things you should do:If the dog's owner is present, request Read more
  • Why are My Dogs Feet Red and Itchy?
    Pododermatitis in Dogs: Why are My Dog’s Feet Red and Itchy?Pododermatitis is an inflammation and/or infection of the foot. It is not a specific disease but rather a descriptive condition Read more
  • Lumps On Dogs: When To Get Them Checked By A Veterinarian
    Lumps On Dogs: When To Get Them Checked By A VeterinarianWhen people find lumps on dogs, they often panic. It’s easy to assume the worst. And then we often avoid Read more
  • 8 Ideas for Fun Dog Outings
    8 Ideas for Fun Dog OutingsSpoil your pooch with these ideas for doggie play dates and outings.Dogs are like children -- they enjoy being social and having their own play Read more
  • Does your pet have deep wrinkles or folds?
    Skin Fold DermatitisWrinkly dogs like Pugs are so cute. What’s not so cute? The skin disease that can result from improper care of the skin in those wrinkles. Skin fold Read more
  • Wellness in Geriatric Dogs
    Wellness in Geriatric DogsWhat is wellness testing?Wellness testing is the term given to a group of tests that is performed specifically to detect signs of early or subclinical disease in Read more
  • Pet Emergency Course: CPR
     Pet Emergency Course: CPRIn the event of an emergency, your pet's life may depend on your quick recognition of the situation, your knowledge of pet first aid, and the way Read more
  • Learn how to properly introduce yourself to a dog.
    It's National Dog Bite Prevention Week.Learn how to properly introduce yourself to a dogThe bad news: Dogs of any breed or size can, and do, bite. The good news: There Read more

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